Manacium Each condition contains 200 mg of lactoferrin
In addition to iron, folic acid, vitamin B1, B6, B12 and vitamin C.

The presence of this article has several advantages

Absolutely safe without any side effects to knead suitable for children, adults and pregnant women.
Natural source where extracted from the milk of sarsob (without chemicals)
Strong and tangible effectiveness in a short period
Multiple benefits besides anemia treatment and prevention
Improve overall job performance

Manacium is used for ages 4 and above for all ages and for women in one or all of the following purposes:

Treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia
Strengthen the immune system
Improve the general functions of the body
Treatment of frequent colds and problems of recurrent diarrhea
Improve mental abilities and strengthen memory

One envelope per day on half a glass of water, juice or milk
For three months or as directed by the doctor

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